Dr- Saleena and Dr. P John Mathew

Could a Sleep Study at St Thomas Hospital Save Your Life?

Most of us spend a third of our entire lives asleep. So the quality of our sleep can make an enormous difference to our health.

Here are some questions that could further determine if an overnight Sleep Study can help us identify improper breathing patterns.

The reduced oxygen flow that results could result in a wide variety of complications such as Blood Pressure, Stroke and related Cardiac Conditions. Resolving poor sleep patterns enable us to be healthier even when we are awake:

Questions to Ask Yourself?

  • Do you snore?
  • Are you overweight, with a double chin?
  • Do you have Blood Pressure, Diabetes or a Heart Condition?
  • Do you awake drowsy in the morning or have a heavy head?
  • Is your sleep interrupted with the need to urinate more than once?

If you said “Yes” to more than one of these questions you could be suffering from an easily treatable condition called “Obstructive Sleep Apnea.”