maxillo facial surgery

Introducing Cleft-Children International and its Founder Hermann Sailer

Switzerland based Cleft-Children International CCI helps children disfigured by Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate break free of a crippling condition, which prevents them from breathing, eating or speaking properly. These children are at risk of lower life expectancy, especially in poor families because of their difficulty in eating and the risk of them being mistreated or worse still abandoned.

CCI since 2001 has conducted more than 50,000 life changing treatments and trained more than 150 medical professionals through a network of five Cleft Centers in India, where they successfully established the first five Cleft-Centers.

CCI coordinates the work of the Cleft-Centers, overseeing the proper utilization of donations. An online data base with the patients' latest clinical records is maintained by the Cleft-Centers.

Professor & Doctor Hermann Sailer, Mentor to Surgeons and Agent of Change

Professor Sailer, has been recognized as a leading plastic and maxillofacial surgeon and a great humanitarian on virtually every continent of the globe. He personally certifies that the surgeries performed on children with cleft deformities conforms to International standards. Dr. Sailer leads this transformative process by mentoring surgeons and supporting hospitals as they become channels of hope for many thousands of unfortunate children. Since 2012, CCI and Dr. Sailer have had a transformative impact on maxillofacial surgery at the St. Thomas Hospital as well as related medical and administrative process. Truly a mentor and compassionate agent of change.