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No Child Cleft Behind at St Thomas, thanks to Dr. Hermann Sailer

St Thomas Hospital embarks on this mission to serve those affected by Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate, thanks to the generosity of Cleft Children International, the not for profit founded in 2001 by Professor Hermann Sailer .

If you know someone with Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate, please take a few moments to email us the name and phone number of the patient or parent that the hospital can call. You can contact Dr. Thomas Mathew, Secretary of the Dr. A, K, Cherian Memorial Charitable Society by calling him at 0468 231 7494 or 7337.

More on Professor Hermann Sailer

Dr. Sailer has navigated a brilliant career as a medical practitioner, teacher and humanitarian. Since 1972, this Titan among his peers has contributed almost 400 scholarly publications to the surgical fraternity. In 2014 Dr. Sailer won the European CEO Award for the Best Private Medical Healthcare Provider in Europe. But Sailer is also widely known for his work outside Europe. He has set up five Cleft Centers in India, one in Pakistan, one in Romania and three in Africa. In a recent tribute to Dr. Hermann Sailer, a Manager of the St. Thomas Hospital expressed his appreciation for the Operating Theater he made possible as follows:

  • “If all the world’s a stage,
  • Then this theater is dedicated
  • To the vision and verve of
  • Dr. Hermann Sailer.
  • Here, in this theater,
  • One man’s genius and generosity
  • Makes it possible for so many
  • Life stories to have happy endings…

Please help the St Thomas Hospital, CCI and Dr. Sailer provide more lives with happy endings. If you know someone who has Cleft Lip/Palate please call 0468 231 7494 or 7337